#1 Office Chair Cylinder Replacement - Includes Removal Tool, Instructions & Gloves - Heavy Duty Gas Lift Hydraulic/Pneumatic Piston - Fits Most Herman Miller Aeron & Universal Standard Size


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Kevin Lehoe and Meredith Lehoe
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Our story

How we got our start?
In 2016, as a design engineer, I was frustrated with the products I used in my office. Especially the cheap, plastic wheels on my office chair. So, rollerblade style chair wheels were born. This simple idea turned into a growing business, rethinking everyday office essentials.
What makes our product unique?
We all spend so much time in our home or work office. So why are the products we use uncomfortable, ugly, and outdated? This very question is why we exist. We simply focus on functional, modern office essentials that look & feel good.
Why we love what we do?
We love to make an impact. Whether you’re frustrated with a common office product or want a more comfortable work space, we’re here to help. Making an impact with our customers is what we think about with every product design, every individual interaction, and everything in between.

Product Description

Office Chair Cylinder Replacement Kit with Everything You'll Need

Do You Want to Repair Your Sinking Office Chair, but Don't Have the Tools or Instructions to Do It?

The Office Oasis has come up with the best solution to fix your sinking chair. 

When you purchase one of our chair cylinders, we’ll send you:

- The highest quality gas lift cylinder in the industry
- Our easy to use, chair cylinder removal tool
- Step-by-step instructions how to remove and install a chair cylinder
- Pair of gloves to help with the installation


Remove Your Old Cylinder Steps

Raise Cylinder
1. Use the chair lift lever to raise your office chair or stool to the highest position.
(This releases the pressure inside the old cylinder)

Attach Shaft Collars
2. Gently lay the office chair on its side and gather the included tools that came with the cylinder.

3. Separate the two provided shaft collars and attach them to the old chair cylinder using the shorter screws and Allen wrench.

4. Tighten the screws so both shaft collars are hugging the cylinder, but make sure they can easily slide along the cylinder.

5. Slide both shaft collars as close as you can to the chair seat.

6. Tighten only shaft collar B so it clamps the cylinder very tightly and is not able to slide. (note: make sure the threaded holes in both shaft collars are not directly aligned)

Thread In Screws
7. Use the 2 longer provided screws to thread into shaft collar B (this one should be clamped tight against the cylinder).

8. Using the Allen wrench, tighten both screws evenly so they begin to press against the shaft collar A.

Remove Cylinder From Seat
9. As you continue to tighten these screws, shaft collar A will start to slide and the cylinder will pull away from the chair seat. Note: If the cylinder is still stuck in the chair seat, return to step 6 and repeat steps 6, 7, 8 and 9 again.

Remove Your Old Cylinder Steps (cont.)

Remove Chair Base
10. Use a rubber mallet (ideal) or hammer w/ wooden block to strike the bottom edge of the old cylinder until the base is separated from the cylinder. (Make sure to hold the chair base with your other hand so the whole chair doesn’t move) Note: Depending on the age/usage of the office chair, this step may require a lot of force.

What if the cylinder still doesn’t budge?
First try applying some WD40 or similar penetrating oil product to where the cylinder meets the chair base. Wait about 5 minutes, and repeat step 10.

If this method still doesn’t work, see steps 10A-10D.
10A. First, double check that the chair cylinder is fully extended by using the chair lift lever. Note: Only use steps 10A-D if you are unable to remove the chair base from step 10. This step can be somewhat messy, so be sure to lay an old towel down under the chair & cylinder.

10C. Using a standard flat blade screwdriver, take off the retaining clip on the bottom of the cylinder as illustrated in the figures on the left.

10D. Once the retaining clip is removed, you will be able to slide the chair base and cylinder shell away from the chair.

10E. Return to step 10 - The base will be easier to free from the cylinder shell now that it is disconnected from the chair.

Install The New Cylinder & Dimension/Compatibility Information

Install New Cylinder
11. Grab your new cylinder and remove the red cap that covers the button.

12. Set the chair base flat on the floor. Place the new cylinder in the 2” hole located in the chair base. Note: the new chair cylinder is the universal industry standard size, but if it does not fit your specific chair, please reach out to The Office Oasis team, and we'll take care of you.

13. Place the chair seat onto the new cylinder by aligning the chair seat hole with the new cylinder. Sit on the chair and use the chair lift lever to test the cylinder.

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