Anbull 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Blue Pneumatic Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Manual Hand Pump for Heavy Duty Auto Truck Repair


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Product Description

Instructions for Use:

1. Tighten the oil return valve. Put one end of the big handle into the oil return valve and turn clockwise to tighten the oil return valve.

2. Connect the air compressor. Connect the air pipe joint to the air compressor interface.

3. Lightly press the switch. After the air pressure is connected to the air compressor, lightly press the air pipe switch, and the jack will automatically rise. Release the switch and the jack will stop rising.

4. Automatic lifting. The jack automatically lifts the jack under the action of the air pump.

5. Off the ground. After the jack lifts the heavy object off the ground, you must pay attention to safety.

6. Decline. After finishing the work, slowly rotate the oil return valve counterclockwise, not too fast, otherwise the work object may drop too fast, which may cause danger.

7. Tighten the oil return valve. After use, put the handle away and place the jack in a suitable position. Pay attention to placing it vertically, not flat.

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