Industrial Products

our qualified personnel has built up a mass of relevant expertise. Between them, they can offer a great deal of technical knowledge and practical tips, and they're always happy to help you with your Industrial products and projects you have.

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Automotive Parts

As an Automotive Parts supplier, Amotarget can supply industry-specific products that comply with international standards. The most widely applied standards for automotive operations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Please contact us for the specific parts you need.

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Electronic Products

We supply a large selection of items that are particular to the electronic sector, such as Encoders, electronic drives, actuators and valves, Filter-elements and transmitters. for quotation or for a specific item details please contact us by email that we have provided in the contact form.

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We supply various types of equipment used in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and power industries such as Drilling equipment, Production equipment, Power unit, Steel pipe, Refinery equipment, Logging equipment, Offshore equipment. 

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Helping You Start Out

We offer the full spectrum of services to help companies to improve their businesses. Everything from creating standards of excellence to supplying good quality products and raw materials with the best after-sales services. 
we help you to do your business without any problems with the best innovative solutions. Maybe Very few other suppliers do this, and none have been doing it as long as we have.
Our Mission
We aim to create an economic opportunities for everyone...
Our History
Amotarget has evolved from Seyfettin Ariapour's goals of great value and excellent customer service. “Mr. Ariapour”, as he is known, believed in leadership through service. The belief that true leadership depends on willing service was the principle on which Amotarget was built and has guided the decisions the company has made over the past 5 years. A large part of Amotarget's history is based on Seyfettin Ariapour's story. and much of our future will be based on Mr. Ariapour's principles.
Our Focus
  • * To Provide high quality products.
  • * To Provide superior customer service.
  • * To Encourage innovation and creativity.
Happy Clients